9 reasons people use thelulu.com

1. Online Service Model

All activities are done online, so no more worrying about maintaining your servers, data backup, and hiring & keeping a technical staff. We will take care of all the technical stuff, while you focus on getting more business. The best part is, you can access your information anytime, anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

2. Simple, easy to use, focused on service delivery

We focus on what is important to you : maximize your resources, increase the speed of scheduling, delivery, and billing. The home page alerts you on upcoming appointments for the next 7 days, as well as appointments that have not be assigned.

3. Staffs' Schedule at one glance

Easily find out your staffs' schedule so that you can plan your staffs' working time table. You can also use this features to plan your school classroom time table. An indicator will show if there is any appointment created for the day that is unattended.

4.Staff - skill mapping

It is important to know your staffs' strength to assign the right staff with the right skill to serve the right customer. If you have more than 30 staffs to manage, it would be tough to remember and keep track of individual's skill set. With thelulu.com, you can easily find the Chinese language tutor that speak good English to teach a class of American students.

5. Invoicing

Invoicing module (available in Professional Package only) enable you to generate invoice to your customers after service is delivered. You can group several completed jobs into single invoice, so that you have the flexibility to bill your customers according to their preference, for example, corporate customer might prefer to pay once a month. With this feature, you don't another invoicing system or using your spreadsheet application to create invoices.

6. Flexibility

thelulu.com is designed to link 2 parties with a date/time. For example, you can use thelulu.com to link your teachers to classes (if you are running a school), models to fashion shows (if you are running a modeling agency), part-time maids to households (if you are providing cleaning services to household), etc.

7. Comprehensive Reporting

thelulu.com provides various reports to monitor your business performance:
  • Staff Appointment Report provides a complete staff schedule for the next 7 days.
  • Customer Detail Report shows all customers. (for Professional Package only)
  • Invoice Reports show the total sales, collection, and outstanding collection for a given period of date (for Professional Package only)
  • You can export customer detail report and invoice reports to excel and pdf format.

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